Expand on existing installations
with the easy-to-use API and interface

Crysberg technology makes great OEM solutions even greater. That is the simple truth. Whether your solution is for irrigation, wastewater, fish farms, industry or similar you can very easily add the unique ability to have up to 120 input decoders or 500 output decoders on ONE two-wire cable. The benefit is obviously that you can activate more valves and read more sensors with less cabling.

Crysberg does not claim to be an expert within your domain. That’s you. We do however know that your solution built on your knowledge and industry expertise will be even greater when you integrate it to our patented technology. And that is easy. Use our API and just like that you will be able expand your solution with best-in-class smart irrigation controllers, and easy-to-use interface along with the most durable 2-wire decoders. 

The New MK3 Technology

Build the solution you and your clients want

The demand for collecting data, and get a constant update and “health-check” of your irrigation, waste water or aquaculture system is the main driver for the new next generation MK3.
It is made up of two parts to reflect the typical needs of our partners and their clients:

The API, MK3 interface and the decoders 

The API allows you to connect your own irrigation solution to the MK3 interface and control the unique Crysberg output and input 2-wire decoders.

The irrigation engine and web user interface

With the irrigation engine and Web User interface Crysberg meets the needs for advanced irrigation-based input data like weather reports, soil and water resources. Add this to your solution via the API and optimize the way your decoders will turn sprinklers on and off.

The new MK3 technology for smart irrigation controllers and 2-wire decoders


Connect your PLC or smart irrigation controller through the API and expand your solution – or use the new irrigation engine to take it to the next level.

The full Aqualogic Smart Irrigation Controller Solution (MK3)

The 2-wire Decoder/Interface solution (Golf, Landscape, Agriculture, Horticulture)

The MK3 Irrigation Smart Irrigation Controller

The new MK3 Smart Irrigation Controller takes irrigation to the next level using data on available resources, soil types, weather forecasts and planning input from sensors or 3rd party systems to schedule and execute the perfect irrigation plan.
Irrigation engine model overview - The MK3 Irrigation Smart Irrigation Controller

The details


The irrigation engine uses data about resources like water-levels, available amount of fertilizer and power demands to optimize and plan irrigation. 



The irrigation engine will calculate the demand needed for irrigation based on data given by ET, plant type, soil type, and more.



From 3rd party interfaces or other sensor sources, sensor data, action rules and water schedules are fed into the irrigation engine to provide the necessary input.



The irrigation engine optimizes power, water and fertilizer usage to start sprinklers, pumps, or similar equipment.


2-Wire Decoders

2-wire decoder


2-wire decoders act as switching stations for digitized commands to your water management equipment, including sprinkler heads and sensors.

The world’s most popular and reliable 2-wire decoders just got better. Crysberg offers 1, 2, 4, and 6 output decoders as well as a Light Surge Protection and an Input (sensor) decoder. They are easy to install and based on the robust electronics which have made Crysberg a market leader.

With more than 4 million units, Crysberg has produced more 2-wire decoders than any other manufacturer in the world and even after 30 years in the ground they are still running.

All electronic components are fully sealed within a watertight enclosure and will endure being buried underground, protected against damage from floods, frost or rodents.


image: 2-wire decoders

With more 2-wire decoders in place,  your ability to control, measure and monitor your production or facility is higher. Crysberg offers a wide range of 2-wire decoders built for specific purposes for irrigation in agriculture, landscape & turf, Golf, Rescom and similar.

Combined with your solution through our API and smart irrigation controller you will be able to significantly reduce cost and complexity:

  • Up to 500 output decoders per 2-wire/ interface
  • More than 100 active
  • More than 120 sensor decoders
  • Wire run up to 3km/10,000′ star 12km/40,000′ loop
  • True two way communication
  • Comprehensive diagnostic capabilities

Best-in-class Smart Irrigation Controllers

The Crysberg AquaLogic 500 smart irrigation controller is a modern IOT device that takes your irrigation to a new level.

The “brain” of the smart irrigation controller is centralized around the importance of accurate irrigation and based upon a crop’s water requirement, available water, various sensor inputs, etc. It automatically does your irrigation based on the data you have provided. Simple, easy, and reliable.

Aqualogic 500 Smart Irrigation Controller


Just integrate through the API and make it work

Crysberg provides a fully developed and easy understandable API written in REST/ JSON. It comes with a series of commands, and examples. Written by web programmers for web programmers.

Web Management Platform

Make fast decisions based on real-time  sensor readings

Displaying the data and the measurements correctly is essential for the customer’s perception of the MK3 technology. Crysberg has developed an intuitive web-user user interface that comes as standard in English, but can easily be translated to your local language.

Should you as a close partner decide to develop your own user interface, the Crysberg provides an API written in a REST/JSON format, which can be used by your programmers.

Works flawlessly. For decades.

Easy to install. Just watch

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