Crysberg’s contribution to the global goals of UN

2020 was the second warmest year in record the end of the warmest decade ever recorded. Crysberg, together with our customers, actively contribute to achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development goals.

We work with four specific climate targets with a particular focus on improving energy efficiency through irrigation technology.

Less energy and CO2 emissions

Crysberg decoder technology reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions during both the establishment and operation of irrigation systems.

Establishing a 2-way decoder system from Crysberg requires up to 90% less cabling than traditional irrigation systems. While a large golf course requires 100 km of cable using conventional technology, it only takes 10 km of cables to create a similar irrigation system with Crysberg 2-way decoder technology.

In 2022, Crysberg expects to save the environment from 336 tonnes of CO2 by reducing emissions from cable excavators during establishment of new irrigation systems*). In addition, these systems will reduce CO2 emissions by 795 tonnes over a 15 year period due to lower decoder power consumption. Overall, Crysberg systems established in 2021 will reduce CO2 emissions by 1,131 tonnes of CO2 in their lifetime. The average CO2 savings per system is about 0.47 tonnes of CO2.

The calculation does not include savings due to lower power consumption in already established plants.

* In the calculation, it is assumed that the CO2 emission when burying 1 km of cable is 7kg CO2. Average lifetime of a Crysberg irrigation system is set to 15 years. The calculation does not include the savings in C02 from the production of cables and decoders.

3 ways our decoders enable end users to contribute to the UN goals

Through the deployment of Crysberg’s irrigation technology to the agricultural sector, we help ensuring a more sustainable agricultural production with respect for the world’s water resources.

The Crysberg system reduces water consumption compared to traditional irrigation systems. Less water consumption frees up the fresh water supply for other uses.

In our production, we strive to use and manage natural resources sustainably. In fact we hold an ISO 14001 certification that not only proves that we’re sustainable but also requires us to continuously manage resources more efficiently.

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