Add value to your clients’ controller solutions

Crysberg technology adds value to a wide range of OEM partner solutions built for irrigation, fish farms, waste water and more. You will have the ability to offer clients a much more elegant, clean and simple, yet effective solution.

Key benefits

Robust technology you can trust

Our technology has been around for more than 30 years and has been tested under the harshest conditions.

Add more value for clients

Focus your resources and build solutions that offer unique value for your clients – and expand on what they already have.

Continuous innovation

We keep innovating to bring our solutions and our partners to the next level.

Solution overview

Activate more valves
and read more sensors
with less cabling


Fish farms deal with massive numbers of cables for every sensor measuring temperature, oxygen, flow, CO2, pH, redox, salinity etc. This now changes with the new and revolutionary controlling communication solution for accurate sensor measurements.

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“In the beginning we considered alternative decoder- and interface technologies, but we quickly ended up going with Crysberg’s MK3 technology and have never had regrets. The API they provided turned out to be intuitive and easy to work with for our programmers. In addition, their decoders are a great asset to our fertigation machine, and have become highly respected and appreciated by our customers. We foresee great market potential with our solution when launching it on a global scale”. 

Morten Krage, Key Account Manager, Senmatic  


One of the World’s leading vendors within horticulture – and sweet fruit applications – has chosen the MK3 technology for their solution.

The green is
green because..

When it comes to a golf course’s irrigation system, you want quality products that work the way they’re supposed to and technology that won’t become obsolete after a few seasons. That’s why our track record speak for itself: we currently have our Driver solutions installed in over 13,000 golf courses.

We provide value to greenkeepers by delivering proven technology that can be relied on. With our engineering approach and a proven track record we constantly strive to deliver the best product to market.


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Boost your solution with our unique technology

The winning combination is your solution plus our unique technology. Just connect through our MK3 interface and add the ability to control more than 500 decoders on a two-wire to your clients solution. Easy as that.

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