What is a Smart Irrigation Controller?

The Crysberg Smart Irrigation controller

The Crysberg Smart Irrigation Controller is designed to optimize water usage through advanced features such as input from weather-responsive sensors, customizable scheduling and real data.

The smart irrigation controller is based on the new MK3 technology and ensures efficient irrigation for agricultural, landscaping, and commercial purposes.

Take advantage of Crysberg Aqualogic 500 Controller and save water, reduce installation & copper cost!

Learn more about the unique technology behind the Aqualogic 500 Controller.

Smart Irrigation Controller - Aqualogic 500

The Crysberg Aqualogic 500

Smart irrigation controller for OEMs

With its robust IoT technology and unique compatibility with 2-wire decoders, the Crysberg Smart Irrigation Controller takes irrigation to a whole new level within agriculture, landscape and turf, Golf and Rescom. You will for instance be able to expand your own solution with the capability of adding as many as 500 output decoders on one 2-wire cable!

In Crysberg we are all about partnerships!

That’s right, we’re 100% indirect, which means we only sell through OEMs. Why? So, our partners can focus on what they do best without getting bogged down by complicated products and just expand their solution with our unique technology.

And guess what? We give you options. You can customize and add your own user interface layer or simply roll with our sleek design – it’s up to you!

Crysberg is already partnering with a number of irrigation partners such as Senmatic, Tudor Inc and Mottech.

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