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Crysberg has a 100% indirect business model and only sells through partners like Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).

When you become a Crysberg OEM partner, you take center stage. For the client and for us. Our whole business model is about making you shine and we have a history of long term partnerships with our partners. 

With a Crysberg partnership you can focus your resources on your key competences

Our easy-to-use API and interface make it easy to expand on and simplify existing solutions. Just add the most innovative, durable, tried and tested control system technology to your solution and win more business.

Expand. With MK3 technology

We want partners who already have a strong position and are well established within irrigation and fish farms – and who see the need to boost their offering with our unique MK3 technology in their offering.

We are international. So are you

When it comes a golf course’s irrigation system, you want quality products that work the way they’re supposed to and technology that won’t become obsolete after a few seasons. That’s why the track record speak for itself when we’ve currently got our solutions installed in over 13,000 golf courses.

We provide value to green keepers by delivering proved technology that can be relied on. With our engineering approach and a proven track record we constantly strive to deliver the best product in market.


“We have always learned to appreciate the high technical level among the Crysberg employees. Assisting us with useful advice as well developing products, which are easy to use but yet come with a series of cool features. We can only recommend Crysberg as an absolute top supplier”.

Maggie Sarver, Account Manager, Tucor


Willing to invest. In people, marketing and inventory

We want financially strong partners that have already proven themselves in this market. That are as dedicated as we are with a management team ready to invest in sales, marketing and see the benefit of maintaining a stock of MK3 products at all times.

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