Intelligent irrigation. Inside and out.

Water in just the right amount is obviously crucial for the health and strength of plants. Using Crysberg technology, our decoders and controllers you help your Greenhouse clients manage sprinklers very easily and make sure that flowers and plants are irrigated perfectly, thus cutting down on cost and manual labour.

Greenhouse products

The Greenhouse Controlling Communication Solution offers unique new features that significantly reduces the complexity and cost:

  • Up to 300 output decoders per 2-wire/ interface
  • More than 100 active
  • More than 125 sensor decoders
  • Wire run up to 3km/10,000′ star 12km/40,000′ loop
  • True two way communication
  • Comprehensive diagnostic capabilities

Key benefits

  • Significantly reduces number of cables
  • 1 box controls up to 125 probes/sensors
  • Compatible with existing systems
  • Easy and less expensive to expand production

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