The High Line

New York, USA

“The High Line is an absolutely fabulous application for the Tucor control system. The site has won numerous awards for its vision and creation of a roof top park using abandoned railroad tracks.”

Mark Grenert, Sales Manager in Tucor U.S

In New York’s Meatpacking District you will find the rusty air train, The High Line, which was finished in 1934. It was used to service the warehouse buildings at Manhattan’s West Side, but was outdated, and the last train drove in 1980.

The High Line – the floating park in New York

In 1999 the association, ”Friends of The High Line”, was founded – an extraordinary project done by a group of architects to transform the air train into a beautiful park.

Conserving history

Phase two of three is now complete, where the history of the air train has now been transformed into a floating park, where the history and the nature around, paths, walls and the old track are preserved.

Every New Yorker loves The High Line, which is also called The City’s Newest Jewel, and the project is estimated to generate investments for over 900 million dollars. At least 30 new projects related to The High Line are on their way to being completed e.g. a new Whitney Museum. The Standard Hotel literally overlooks The High Line.

Crysberg Techchology used:

Ranger Controller

Ranger Surge Protection Decoder

Range Decoder 1001

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