Castle Gardens

Denmark and Norway

Crysberg has delivered irrigation systems to the Baroque-garden in Hillerød, Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen, and The Norwegian Royal Garden to ensure the quality of the grass-fields outside. Regarding the Irrigation Control Systems used by The Royal Gardens in Scandinavia, CEO Niels Klagenberg, Crysberg , expresses a great satisfaction:


“We are obviously very proud that many of the royal gardens in the Region have selected an irrigation control system made by our company. This has given us some valuable references that are extremely valuable in our marketing to new customers, especially in the BRIC nations, where the greatest potential is at the moment for our irrigation control equipment.”

Servicing the garden of King Frederic the 4th

As an example, Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød with its Baroque-garden is part of Crysberg’s users of irrigation systems, which was sold in 1994. It was the King Frederic the 4th, who founded the Baroque Garden North of Frederiksborg Castle built in the year 1720-25 by the king’s architect and landscape gardener, Johan Cornelius Krieger.


A palace garden

The garden has a central axis creating a link between the house, garden and landscape placed around a cascade of water channels and fountains. The garden is inspired by French and Italian palace gardens, and existed after its founding for only 40 years and was hereafter for a short period a landscape garden in a romantic style.

Every year tourists from around the world visit the Danish Royal Gardens, so the grass must be in perfect shape getting the right amount of nutrition, sun and water in order to be green and fresh.

Since 1850, there was a desire to bring the overgrown and dilapidated baroque garden back to its former glory, but only in 1993 the economic foundation was provided. In 1996, J. C. Krieger recreated the baroque-garden that was inaugurated under the Authority of Castles and Cultural Properties.

In the parterre were planted 65,000 boxwood plants and 166 pyramidal yew plants, used 375 linden trees and 7,000 plants for avenues and bouquets. The Cascade capstone consists of 500 meter hewn granite. In summertime the cascade is in operation and the garden is at its most beautiful. If you come to the area a guided tour of the garden is highly recommended. You get a chance to walk the garden and listen to the ‘good stories’ about the Baroque Garden.

Crysberg Techchology used:

Ranger Controller 4000 D

Ranger Decoder 1001

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