Success stories

Succes stories

Our OEM partners build high value solutions based on their domain expertise and solution – and Crysberg technology. Below are some examples of how our OEM partners have worked with clients to improve their business.

Selected partner cases

Liberty Island

New York City, USA

The High Line

New York City, USA

Football Stadium

Phoenix, USA

Strawberry fields

The Netherlands

Castle Gardens

Denmark and Norway

More cases on the way



“In the beginning we considered alternative decoder- and interface technologies, but we quickly ended up going with Crysberg’s MK3 technology and have never had regrets. The API they provided turned out to be intuitive and easy to work with for our programmers. In addition, their decoders are a great asset to our fertigation machine, and have become highly respected and appreciated by our customers. We foresee great market potential with our solution when launching it on a global scale”.

Morten Krage, Key Account Manager, Senmatic

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