Increase crop Yield with intelligent irrigation control

Every day farmers are faced with choices that could significantly impact the profitability their crop. That’s why choosing our Grower SRC irrigation control systems is the biggest small decision they’ll ever make. With unmatched durability and realiablity as well as capalitites to easily expand or modify the system this choice is really a no-brainer.

SRC is a global provider of irrigation system controls. We provide value to farmers by delivering proved technology that can be relied on. With our engineering approach and a proven track record we constantly strive to deliver the best product in market.

Agriculture products

The Agricultural Controlling Communication Solution offers unique new features that significantly reduces the complexity and cost:

  • Up to 500 output decoders per 2-wire/ interface
  • More than 100 active
  • More than 125 sensor decoders
  • Wire run up to 3km/10,000′ star 12km/40,000′ loop
  • True two way communication
  • Comprehensive diagnostic capabilities

Key benefits

  • Significantly reduces number of cables
  • 1 box controls up to 125 probes/sensors
  • Compatible with existing systems
  • Easy and less expensive to expand production

Activate more valves
and read more sensors
with less cabling

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