More sensors. Less cabling. Significant savings.

Fish farms have been dealing with massive numbers of cables in order to maintain control, measuring and monitoring capabilities. This means an individual cable for every sensor measuring temperature, oxygen, flow, CO2, pH, redox, salinity etc. and local input boxes to record the signals constitute a complex and expensive solution. Every expansion with new sensors becomes cumbersome.

This now changes with the new Crysberg Aquaculture Controlling Communication Solution. Crysberg is proud to present the new and revolutionary controlling communication solution for accurate sensor measurements. A technology, which has been refined over the years, and now fully optimized for modern land-based fish farms.

Aquaculture products

The new Aquacultural Controlling Communication Solution offers unique new features that significantly reduces the complexity and cost:

  • Up to 300 output decoders per 2-wire/ interface
  • More than 100 active
  • More than 125 sensor decoders
  • Wire run up to 3km/10,000′ star 12km/40,000′ loop
  • True two way communication
  • Comprehensive diagnostic capabilities

Key benefits

  • Significantly reduces number of cables
  • 1 box controls up to 125 probes/sensors
  • Compatible with existing systems
  • Easy and less expensive to expand production

The Aquaculture controlling communication solution consists of:


Crysberg provides a simple and intuitive interface (API), which will establish the connection to your PLC or controlling unit.

You will be able to control:

Interface :
• Get two-wire current
• Get two-wire voltage

Read line units (sensors or output units) :

Activate the sensors and collect
data (4 type of measurements)

AquaLogic 500

Aquaculture decoder

Aquaculture Converter 5000D

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Activate more valves
and read more sensors
with less cabling


Crysberg delivers high quality control systems, interfaces, WEB solutions and decoders for two wire based professional equipment for Fish Farms along with our solutions for Golf, Turf and Agriculture market.

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