What are 2-wire decoders?

The Crysberg 2-wire decoders

​Crysberg’s 2-wire decoder technology continues to gain in popularity and is now the preferred choice among specifiers and consultants within the irrigation industry.

In a conventional set-up, valve, pump, relay, sensor, or switch will require its own separate wire connection to the controller. However, Crysberg use just one two-wire strand to connect everything in a daisy chain fashion.

This is accomplished by using Crysberg 2-wire decoders that are spliced into the two-wire strand then connected to the device you wish to control.

Each decoder comes with a unique address to distinguish it from other decoders in the system. Crysberg offers decoders in various station models, enabling you to control multiple valves at one location with a single decoder

2-wire decoders from Crysberg

2-wire decoders from Crysberg

The main benefits of using Crysberg 2-wire decoders:

Using Crysberg technology as part of your solution offers numerous benefits that will positively impact cost, resources, and the environment, both directly and indirectly.

  • Reduced material costs (= less copper wire)
  • Reduced number of controller costs. Crysberg’s technology enables you to have 500 output decoders on one two-wire
  • Ease of expansion. Adding additional zones in the future is simply done by splicing the existing 2-wire strand, and by adding an extra decoder.
  • Longer wire runs. As opposed to conventional irrigation systems the Crysberg solution enables you to easily reach more locations.
  • Simplified maintenance. Having only one strand of wire to deal with makes it easier to locate and repair faults.
  • Should be used to protect the decoders from static charge or electrical storms. This is done by using the Crysberg 2-wire Surge Protection Decoder. 

Crysberg Partners often boost their own solution with 2-wire decoders and our unique MK3 Technology

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