What is a 2-wire Controller?

The Crysberg 2-wire controller

While a conventional irrigation controller requires its own individual wire for each valve, then the Crysberg 2-wire controller – the Aqualogic 500 – utilizes a single two-wire cable to operate the entire irrigation system. Unlike a conventional system, which is limited by only being able to switch on and off the irrigation, the 2-wire controller system carries both an electrical connection as well as a wire for communication.
This gives you a number of benefits:
  • Saving money. A Crysberg controller uses less copper compared to a conventional system. When you have 20 valves or more a 2-wire controller is financially a better choice. It also includes using less labor for installing a system.
  • The ability to do larger irrigation system. The benefit of having a communication wire gives you the power to run longer wire paths. The Crysberg solution enables you to run wires up to 3 miles, and has thanks to its 500 stations support and 100 active at the time a much higher capacity than conventional irrigation systems.
  • Ownership flexibility and the ability to branch off. Taking advantage of the 2-wire controller enables you to easily branch of and install new valves. No need to run expensive wire path connections from the position of the controller.​
2-wire Controller - Aqualogic 500

The Crysberg Aqualogic 500

A 2-wire controller for OEMs

With its robust IoT technology and unique compatibility with 2-wire decoders, the Crysberg Aqualogic 500 Controller takes irrigation to a whole new level.

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And guess what? We give you options. You can customize and add your own user interface layer or simply roll with our sleek design – it’s up to you!

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