Need a competitive edge for your Irrigation control solution?

How about the ability to activate more valves and read more sensors with less cabling – than anyone else?

Become a Crysberg OEM partner and boost your solution with the unique ability to have up to 120 input decoders and 500 output decoders on ONE two-wire cable!

Our easy-to-use API and interface makes it easy to expand on and simplify existing solutions. Just add the most innovative, durable, tried and tested control system technology to your solution and win more business.

Introducing the new MK3 Technology

For more than 30 years Crysberg has been the preferred choice within the professional irrigation industry thanks to robust and reliable electronics, decoders and interfaces to activate valves and sprinklers.

Now Crysberg is taking that technology to a new level.

Introducing Crysberg MK3

The demand for collecting data, and get a constant update and “health-check” of your system has been the main reasons for our innovative development team to look into the next generation decoder and interface technology.

Excellent for irrigation, aquaculture, wastewater and more

The new MK3 technology is not only excellent for irrigation, it has also proven to be ideal for installations within aquaculture as well as waste water where projects currently are done using the MK3 decoders and interface.

The full Aqualogic Irrigation Controller Solution

The Decoder/Interface solution (Golf/ Landscape/ Agriculture/ Horticulture)

The Sensor Reading-solution (Aquaculture/wastewater)

The future proof solution Irrigation and Aquaculture 

We have decided to name it MK3, since it follows the path of the MK2. Your guarantee for success.

This website it dedicated to the new MK3 technology. It describes the different product elements of the technology, and the values it gives to you as a partner.

Turn to Crysberg if you want to know more how the MK3 technology can become a part of your irrigation- , aquacultural-, or waste water-system.

As a Crysberg OEM partner you can expect

A competitive edge

Our innovative solutions create new business opportunities for us AND our partners.

A boost to your own solutions

We deliver valuable technology to OEM partners and make great solutions even greater.

Robust and proven technology

You can trust our patented quality solutions to endure the harshest condition and keep working for decades.

A great partnership

We are fully dedicated to our partnerships, have a 100% indirect business model and solutions that are easy to integrate.

Our OEM partners typically specialize in



Industrial Solutions

Landscape and Turf



Simplify, and enable client growth


Our technology is unique and enables you to build more elegant, clean and simple, yet effective solutions. For starters, just connect your clients PLC to the Crysberg Interface and control as much as 500 line-units.

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“We have always learned to appreciate the high technical level among the Crysberg employees. Assisting us with useful advice as well developing products, which are easy to use but yet come with a series of cool features. We can only recommend Crysberg as an absolute top supplier”.

Maggie Sarver, Account Manager, Tucor


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